Author: Maria Elena Bersiga

anfora da vino in terracotta

Wine amphorae

In 1871 Giuseppe Verde, one of the most famous people from the Parma area, wrote, “Let’s go back to the past, it will be progress”. Who knows if Tenute-Venturini Foschi, founded in those very same lands (only a little further south), might have had this phrase in mind when they decided to use terracotta amphorae for the vinification of their Gemma Gentile.

Yes, because the use of terracotta amphorae for fermenting and refining wine is very old and it is surprising that in recent years, after the development of innovative machines and technologies for winemaking, many wineries have returned to such a simple and essential natural container.

With an eye on history, many producers have realised that a return to their origins, reworked in a modern style, could be a step towards the future. In particular, they study the Georgian tradition where wine-making in amphorae called qvevri began 8,000 years ago and has never really gone out of fashion. This method has been on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List since 2013.

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