From about 5 ha of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyards in a mid-hill position, grapes destined for sparkling wine bases are harvested already before mid-August. The blend is typical of high-ranking sparkling wines; on the one hand, Pinot Noir is a very early-ripening variety that vinified in white provides aromatic complexity and structure. Chardonnay, on the other hand, manages to develop a variety of aromatic components that are perfect for giving harmony and smoothness. Our intent is to blend them by seeking an elegant balance in which the best characteristics of both varietals are interwoven. Sophia is a Metodo Classico that rests on the lees in the bottle for at least 30 months before being disgorged. A sparkling wine of great personality, with intense aromas of apple and hazelnuts, vibrant freshness and a fine, persistent perlage.

28,00 60,00 


Grape Varieties

60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Nero


Wine Making Process: Soft pressing with temperature-controlled fermentation (14 °C) partly in steel and partly in French oak barrels. Second fermentation following the Traditional Method and aging “sur lies” for at least 30 months.


Quality Sparkling Wine

Alcohol content

12,5% VOL

Serving temperature


Grape yeld per hectare

9 tons/ha

Food and wine pairings

Excellent as an aperitif and paired with seafood crudités and shellfish.

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