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Wine is an expression of the people who make it and their interpretation of the land and the grapes. Without the intervention of man and a dream, wine would simply not exist.


We began our journey with the desire to pay homage to the historical, cultural and scenic tradition of a unique territory that of the rolling Parma hills. Listening to the influences of these places blessed by nature and art, which are located right in the heart of the Food Valley, we focused on a product that would be in tune with the agri-food excellences of this region, such as Parma Ham and Parmesan Cheese, and would enhance their flavours and fragrances. Children of the same land and the same philosophy, born from the cult of raw materials and respectful, skilful processing.

What beats in a wine is the pulse of the men and women who created it, it is the voice of passion and the value of culture.

In fact, our feeling is linked to the tradition of the grape harvest, which the genius loci Benedetto Antelami fixed in one of the sculptural panels of the Baptistery of Parma around 1150, and goes further. We are so convinced of the need to rediscover harmony with the gifts of creation that, thanks to current knowledge and listening to growing sensitivities we have decided to produce only high quality wines that respect the rules of nature, following the strict method of organic farming.


Our company has chosen the path of organic farming and we are certified Organic by the Italian Soil and Health Association.
The reason behind this decision is the belief that respecting Nature is respecting oneself and those who choose our wines.
It is all about responsibility and ethics. We chose to offer sustainable products that are not contaminated with pesticides or other chemic

Assuming that tradition is nothing more than innovation that proved to be successful managing to improve and perfect the existing, it is now important for us to establish a network of collaborations, with private and academic laboratories, to test new methodologies such as the use of ecological thermal weeding systems or drones for some health treatments.

Wine shows and contains all the shades and true colours of a bunch of grapes. You see the farmers’ love and passion for their vineyards. They take care of them, we see them at their best.

Anything that is functional to our vision is welcome in our company. We support the trends promoted by Agriculture 4.0 such as the installation of a fleet of intelligent machines, electronically managed, able to communicate with each other, ensuring maximum return with the lowest energy consumption, and the use of photovoltaic panels for clean energy production, with the simultaneous installation of charging columns and the adoption of electric vehicles for our journeys.


The harvest is a harmonious ritual. The whole grapes picking process is done manually, and our famers’ arms have a leading role in all the different phases of grapes processing up to their transformation into must. This is why we can be defined modern wine artisans.

The grapes are placed in boxes that are twenty kilograms each, the white ones are made to rest for one night in the refrigerator before crushing. Crushing is a delicate and slow process, each cycle lasts about three hours in order to preserve the fruit organoleptic characteristics as much as possible. This type of vinification is made just with must after a first pressing, without any forcing.

What we touch in a wine is its balanced composition that perfectly recalls the ground. The grapes hold the ground back and give it back to us.

Although it might be expensive, we believe this approach pays off in terms of the quality and prestige of the product we offer.

We accurately select and sort the bunches. Our company does consider wine as a pearl of ancient wisdom and each grape must be looked after and interpreted with care.


When the perfect symbiosis between cosmos and climate under the vines takes place, the vineyards personality we chose for our production acquires strong flavor notes that are clearly recognizable thanks to their purity.

Emilian with international scent and a with a soul firmly rooted in the Parma area, our vineyards, which extend for about thirty hectares on the hills ranging from Medesano to Noceto, have been designed for the production of specific types of wines: from still white wines to demi-sec, from red wines with great structure up to sparkling wine with classic method that hides in itself the elegance and uniqueness of our cellars; finally a dessert wine, obtained from a late harvest with natural drying of the grape.

What we taste in a wine is the people’s ability to transform nature combinations into a tasting experience.

White wines came first. Gemma, a fresh tasting wine, light, with a harmonious aroma, is made out of the vinification of aromatic Malvasia di Candia.
Gemma Gentile is a variation on the Malvasia theme, it is dedicated to palates that are keen on softness. In this case half of the grapes are harvested late to ensure a higher sugar content.
Finally, Fonio is a complex wine is a complex wine made of Chardonnay grapes thanks to the use of innovative vinification and aging processes, in wood, steel amphorae and fine terracotta.


Just a quick move, swirling wine in the glass to favor the release of aromas and a whole world opens up in front of us.

The world of a special terroir that presents mineral and natural features that facilitate the creation of unique food and wine products but also a world made of great men and women, cultures, languages, tales, battles and influences that inebriated with creativity those who lived and are still living in this place. A world of poetry.

Our estates extend along the Via Francigena; the historic medieval European itinerary begins its Apennine stretch right here, among enchanting panoramas and architectural testimonies of great value, linked to the Romanesque style.

What you sense in a wine is the scent of the soul and character of a territory, the hands that have caressed the seasons and the human ability to evoke a story.

This territory, today as then, hosts travelers and offers sunsets among towers, castles, spas and good food. The men and women of our cellar work every day to fully spread out the richness, energy and spirit of this place, and the creation of a boutique winery is part of this philosophy of hospitality and well-being, in the name of the beauty, flavors and knowledge.

Everything you hear, see, touch, taste and smell in a wine from Tenute Venturini Foschi is the alchemical essence of man’s senses.
They allow us to interpret the transversality of life … poured into a glass.

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