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Gemma and Gemma Gentile : Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 2022 by Luca Maroni

Two great wines present the Tenute Venturini Foschi. The Gemma Malvasia 2019 of uncommon density, and soft and clear in its varietal floral. Gemma Gentile Malvasia 2019, champion of uncommon fruitiness that with its density, its sovereign palatal softness gives its grapeiness an Alsatian aromatic tone of exceptional volume and persuasiveness. Congratulations.

Luca Maroni

When wine meets art: Tenute Venturini Foschi and the works of Flavio Lucchini at the Fuorisalone in Milan

Tenute Venturini Foschi at Fuorisalone 2021 in Milano Design Week: between wine and art. A common thread that passes through Oblong Contemporary, a contemporary art gallery, and arrives at the vineyards of the Food Valley.

The long-awaited event of the Fuorisalone 2021 at Milan Design Weekhas come to an end. It saw the city come alive with a meeting between art and design. These two, however, were not the only stars of the show: the world of wine was also involved thanks to various events organised by the Venturini Foschi Estates, owned by Pier Luigi Foschi and his wife Emanuela Venturini, and the Contemporary Art Gallery Oblong (also run by Emanuela) which operates both locally and on the international art stage.

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White vinification

The grape harvest

It is the dawn of a radiant day in late September. The warm rays of the sun begin to tickle my opalescent, golden-yellow skin. Among the shiny green leaves, I see my siblings, made plump and bright by a cheery summer and a generous land. We are all full of energy, or rather, sugar, and our aroma spreads all over the hill. I smile at the new day and prepare to welcome the warmth coming up from the east, but a column of humans rises from the slope. In their hands they carry small colourful boxes and sharp scissors. There are worried murmurs among us: some time ago, those same scissors took away whole families, large bunches of grapes from the plant without us understanding why. Thinning they called it. We try to hide under the magnanimous shadow of the leaves, but already the scissors are coming down on the stalks. We are taken off the vine and placed in boxes. The tension is palpable, even if our fear slowly recedes because the hands holding us are delicate and we are comfortable in the boxes, we are not too crushed. I start to relax and drowsiness overcomes me. Now it’s off to the cellar, I hear someone say as I doze off.

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